It’s over, my love

julie (15, norway) I say: I am the river and you are its blue, burning current.



This is a big challenge that I made for the summer holiday, even though there are already a lot of these challenges. You don’t have to do them all or that many at each category (or you can do more at each category because you want more of them). It’s a lot and it will probably take ages but it’s a fun thing to do. You can do whatever you like, gifs, picspams, graphics, photosets etc. So yeah, feel free to use it if you’re bored!

  • [20] kdrama/jdrama
  • [5] cartoons/anime
  • [10] animatated movies
  • [10] movies
  • [10] female characters
  • [10] male characters
  • [10] pairings
  • [5] actors
  • [5] actresses